Greece is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area

Greece is a member of the EU and it has sanctioned the Schengen convention. The movement within the Schengen Area is free and it no demonstration of passport is necessary. A visa is not required for Schengen citizens for their travelling within Schengen states. Greece participates in the Schengen policy.

According to the provisions of article 6, paragraph 2 of the Greek Law 4146/2013, attached to the Greek Law 3386/2005, article 36A, about the legal status of residence of citizens of third countries who posses or who are willing to invest in Greek real estate: People who buy real estate of value above 250.000 are eligible for a Greek residence visa which allows them to start their own company in Greece, do business in European Union area, travel within Schengen area countries, to participate in the national social security plan and pension scheme, and it grants their children the right to education